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Toolex - Vise Workholding Systems


Toolex, div. of TE-CO - workholding products manufacturer.

  TOOLEX is a division of TE-CO, a leading manufacturer of workholding products.

Maximize your machining window and hold your parts with greater repeatability with Toolex vises. Now available in hydraulic!
Toolex 2-station & 8-station production vises are available from ISMS.The Toolex® ReLock Vise System from TE-CO combines high manufactured tolerances with unequalled versatility in providing two-station and eight-station production vises. These CNC vises, available with machinable soft jaws, hard jaws, master jaws and parallels, or fixture plates, allow a machinist several different configurations with the same vise. Bodies are manufactured from 80,000 PSI ductile cast iron, and ways are flame hardened and ground to accuracies of +/-.0005. Manual and hydraulic two-station and eight-station vises are available in widths of 4”, 6” and 8."
Toolex ReLock 8-Station Vise with Machineable Soft Jaws

Featured CNC Vise:
  Toolex ReLock® 8-Station Vise with Machinable Soft Jaws

Toolex ReLock vises have a modular SnapLock jaw design that offers superior workholding with speed and accuracy. The Toolex machinable 8-station ReLock vise allows operators to quickly change jaw configurations in seconds. Both outside jaws and center jaw reverse offering even more machinable area.
Toolex ReLock Modular 8-Station Vise Product Information
  • Available in vise sizes 4", 6", and 8"
  • Includes handle and tool kit (pry wrench & hex wrenches)
  • Package includes Eight Station Vise and four 3-piece Machinable Soft Jaw Sets
Toolex Vise Workholding Systems Catalog from TE-CODownload Toolex Vise Workholding Systems Product Catalog
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Benefits & Features of Toolex ReLock Modular Workholding Systems
  • Reduce Setup Times - The innovative ReLock modular design drastically reduces workholding setup times. The system's SnapLock feature allows you to change or index jaws in a matter of seconds
  • Extremely Versatile - The Toolex ReLock offers the most comprehensive array of jaws & accessories available for vertical or horizontal machining applications.
  • Accurate & Durable - The ReLock is designed & precision manufactured from high grade materials to meet the extreme accuracy & durability requirements in today's manufacturing environment.
  • Optimized Table Space - The ReLock's compact modular design allows a multitude of mounting configurations. Vises can be mounted close together without hindering removal or attachment jaws.
Toolex 1-Station Vise by TE-CO Toolex 2-Station Vise by TE-CO Toolex Eight-Station Vise by TE-CO Toolex 2-Station Hydraulic Vise - HydraLock by TE-CO Toolex 8-Station Hydraulic Vise - HydraLock by TE-CO
Toolex Manual Single Station Vise Toolex Manual Double Station Vise Toolex Manual 8-Station Vise Toolex 2-Station Hydraulic Vise - "HydraLock Vise" Toolex 8-Station Hydraulic Vise - "HydraLock Vise"

Toolex (TE-CO) offers single station vises, double station vises, eight station vises, SnapLock® Jaws/Fixture Plates, AccuSnap® Jaws & Parallels, QuickChange® Jaws & Parallels, Vise Accessories, & related workholding & clamping products.  Contact ISMS for a quote.

ISMS is your source for Toolex & other TE-CO workholding products.

ISMS also distributes Hardinge Workholding & Hainbuch Welge Workholding products.
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