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Cleveland is a
Greenfield Industries brand

(formerly a GTD- Greenfield Tap & Die brand from Kennametal)

Cleveland Twist Drills

Cleveland Twist Drill Manufactures:

  • Drills

  • End Mills

  • Taps

  • Reamers

  • Milling Cutters

  • Chamfering Tools

  • Deburring Tools

  • Counterbores/Countersinks

  • Tool Blanks

  • Saw Blades

  • Thread Chasers

  • Thread Milling Cutters

  • Thread Rolls & Dies

  • Threading Tools

Featuring Cleveland Twist Drill Q-Cobalt™ Wide Land Parabolic Drills

  • ACCURATE. RELIABLE. PRECISE.  The new standard for deep hole drilling.

  • Now available in Screw Machine Length

Cleveland Twist Drill Q-Cobalt Drills Catalog
Cleveland Catalog: Twist Drills, Reamers, Taps, End Mills
Download Cleveland Catalog:  Drills, Reamers, Taps, End Mills (Adobe PDF Format - Approx 136 MB)

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ISMS distributes the full extensive line of Cleveland Twist Drill cutting tools.

Why Q-Cobalt?

  • Ideal for deep-hole drilling in work hardening materials

  • Cobalt construction for your toughest work hardening material applications

  • Wider parabolic flute style produces closer tolerance holes with ore efficient drilling

  • Combination of flute design, notch point and cobalt material gives better performance than competing drills

  • Smaller, more manageable chips mean faster chip evacuation for greater productivity

  • 135 degree self-centering point reduces walking and adds stability to the drilling operation

  • Available with straw color oxide finish or high performance TiN, TiCN or TiAIN coatings for specific material applications

  • More accurate drilling with less thrust required means greater productivity and longer drill life.

Cleveland Twist Drill Q-Cobalt™ Wide Land Parabolic Drills

Cleveland Twist Screw Machine Length Drills

  • 2175 - Straw Color

  • 2175TN - TiN Coated

  • 2175TC - TiCN Coated

  • 2175TA - TiAIN Coated

Cleveland Twist Jobber Length Drills

  • 2075 - Straw Color

  • 2075TN - TiN Coated

  • 2075TC - TiCN Coated

  • 2075TA - TiAIN Coated

Cleveland Twist Taper Length Drills

  • 2575 - Straw Color

  • 2575TN - TiN Coated

  • TiCN & TiAIN Coated Available as Specials; 
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Cleveland Twist Drills, Reamers & End Mills are available from ISMS

Cleveland Twist Drills, Reamers, End Mills, Taps, Tool Sets, Accessories, Specials, & Other Tools are available from ISMS:

Cleveland Drills

HSS – Cobalt – Powder Metal Q-PMTM – Carbide-tipped

High-Performance – General Application – Special Application – Market Specific

Cleveland Reamers

HSS – Carbide-tipped

Straight Shank – Morse Taper Shank – Counterbore

Cleveland End Mills

HSS – Cobalt – Powder Metal PM PlusTM

General Purpose – Fine-Pitch and Coarse-Pitch Roughers – Finishers

Cleveland Taps

HSS – Powder Metal SD – Hand – Spiral Point – Spiral Flute – Pipe

High-Performance – General Application – Accessories

Cleveland Tool Sets

Drill Sets – Drill & Tap Sets – Tap Sets – Die Sets

Cleveland Accessories

Tool Bits – Cutoff Blades – Screw Extractors

Cleveland Specials


Other Cleveland Tools

Counterbores – Countersinks – Screw Extractors

Cleveland is one of the many Greenfield Industries brands distributed by ISMS, including Chicago-Latrobe, Bassett, & Cle-Line/Cle-Force. ISMS also distributes JET Tools, Royal Products, & much more. Please visit our Products page.

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