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ISMS™ is an Authorized Distributor for Chicago-Latrobe Drills (General Purpose & Special Purpose Drills), Chicago-Latrobe Reamers, Countersinks, Tool Sets, & Other Hole Making Tools.

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Chicago-Latrobe is a Greenfield Industries brand (formerly a Kennametal brand)

Chicago-Latrobe tools distributed by ISMS


Chicago-Latrobe offers a wide range of industrial-quality general-purpose & special-purpose drills, reamers, round tools, tool sets, & accessories:

Chicago-Latrobe Catalog
Download Chicago-Latrobe Product Catalog

(Adobe PDF file, 5.81 MB)

Chicago-Latrobe General Purpose Drills

  • Jobbers Length

  • Taper Length

  • Screw Machine Length

  • Taper Shank

  • Reduced Shank

Chicago-Latrobe Reamers

  • Chucking Reamers

  • Other Reamers

Chicago-Latrobe Special Purpose Drills

  • High Performance Drills

  • Oil Hole Drills

  • Core Drills

  • Subland Drills

  • Carbide Tipped Drills

Chicago-Latrobe Tool Sets

  • Drill Sets

  • Blank Sets

  • Drill & Tap Sets

  • Reamer Sets

  • Extractor Sets

Other Tools by Chicago-Latrobe

  • Drills & Countersinks

  • Drills & Reamer Blanks

  • Screw Extractors

  • Drills & Sleeves

  • Tool Bits & Cut-Off Blades

  • Please contact ISMS for more information on Chicago-Latrobe products, or to place an order. 

  • Chicago-Latrobe is just one of the many Greenfield Industries brands distributed by ISMS.

ISMS distributes the full line of Chicago-Latrobe hole making tools.

Chicago-Latrobe Drills HSS – Cobalt Drills Chicago-Latrobe Reamers HSS Reamers
General Application – Special Application Straight Shank – Morse Taper Shank – Pipe
Drill Sets – Drill and Tap Sets Other Chicago-Latrobe Tools Countersinks – Drill Blanks – Screw Extractors

ISMS also sells Cleveland Twist Drill & Vermont Tap & Die products from Greenfield Industries.

ISMS has a huge inventory, including collets, tool holders, & drill bushings.

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